Meet Nathan

Coach, Speaker, Father, E-Comm Businessman, Sportsman, Philanthropist


My Story

I have never forgotten how excited I was starting school and joining the Barra Brui Beavers Rugby, Warriewood Surf and Ku-rin-gai Athletics clubs and watching my Science Fiction Obsession: STAR WARS!  I felt like I was loved, popular, could play for the Wallabies, be a Pro Surfer, run like Sebastian Coe, have Jedi powers like Luke Skywalker, my brother was Hans Solo, whilst Wonder-woman and Superman were my parents! Everything was perfect.

However, a lot of dreams were BEATEN OUT OF ME BLACK AND BLUE  growing up! These things shaped me with the choices I made and entry into adult life which at times saw me DROPPING THE BALL! Moreover a GAP Year working in one of England's Greater Public Schools and backpacking around Europe AND NEARLY LOSING MY LIFE guided me to helping others STOP DROPPING THE BALL!!

As I grew with conviction for what I believed worked I enjoyed some success in Education: My Greatest Professional Achievement: "the creation of a successful dynasty of 6 Athletic Championship victories in 8 years for Knox Grammar School (KGS), a feat not done in 35 years in the hotly contested and prestigious 90 years old Combined Associated Schools (CAS) Athletics. The winning streak required my LEADERSHIP to motivate a sporting team of more than 100 part-time athletes and 8 coaches to perform at an elite level within a tight 6 week period." I also have a track record in teaching non-selective HSC Geography students over a 20 year period score:  25% 90+ and 70% hit 80+. I developed programs for troubled students using YOGA and MEDITATION whilst refereeing 50+ 13-16 year-olds in Boarding House care after their evening studies under lights, 3 nights a week for 3 years.

However, throughout all of this I undoubtedly was not always at my best, fueled by coffee, sugar and sleep-deprivation from THE DIGITAL WORLD MASTERING ME!  Moreover, life was CHAOS !! Managing salary, cost of living, the need for different income streams and multiple part time jobs around my full time work, serious relationships with girlfriends planning a future life together, whilst social life and big picture career and sporting aspirations were difficult to juggle. It was impossible keeping everyone happy including myself who was RARELY AT MY BEST!!

Fortunately, I really started to see things crystal clear when I improved my nutrition. Food controls everything that happens to us. Since making ONE SIMPLE CHANGE my life has become profoundly better. I then combined better food with better MINDSET with STAGGERING OUTCOMES!! Why the heck was this NOT MADE CLEAR AT MY SCHOOL growing up !!!!! In improving those two things I attracted the enlightenment of incredible people, organizations, ideas and systems with proven success that anyone can duplicate and....JUST DO IT !

It's time to share and have people STOP DROPPING THE BALL !!


 My Passion

I have a big heart. And I’ve had some big dreams. Many have been broken BUT…. I’M STILL HERE !!!

My PASSION, is helping people. WHY? Because I have been broken more times than I can count BUT have always got up and do so QUICKER and STRONGER! I have huge empathy for others also broken because I have been there so many times before utterly despondent.  BUT with all those failures I have had to use it as fuel with good nutrition and learn to become tougher and have a smarter play sheet.

In this photo is a young bloke who couldn't make the team and suffered injuries until Year 11. He finished his schooling as the Open Combined Associated Schools 100M Champion. Five years later he was in the 2012 LONDON Olympics.......

I want to share my play sheet with others and turn them from DROPPING THE BALL to CATCHING THE BALL and running for large gains up their football field. Moreover, have them making better decisions to be the  "DREAM QUARTERBACK"  of their life.

My Commitment


  • can you trust, has a proven record of loyalty to people, organizations, success, influence for good and is not a quitter?

The things I love to do

What People are Saying

Marty Nicholas
Owner of Blackdot

If you are looking for a knowledgeable lifelong learner to work with, I highly recommend Nathan who I have known for nearly 30 years. His friendliness and tireless, result-driven approach is what I love about him. He has stood the test of time and is a great exemplar of resilience bouncing back stronger.

Matthew Bookalill
Experienced Educator

I've known Nathan for over 30 years and worked together in Education for over 20 years across several schools. He is innovative, passionate, adapts quickly and has an incredible memory. An awesome person to have on your side.

Mission Statement