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Greatest Achievement of them all

6 Championships in 8 years. 2001-2008. This was the creation of a successful dynasty of 6 Athletic Championship victories in 8 years for Knox Grammar School (KGS), a feat not done in 35 years in the hotly contested and prestigious 90 years old Combined Associated Schools (CAS) Athletics. The winning streak required my LEADERSHIP to…
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What was your first dream? Who wants “dat feel” again?

What was your first dream? My Grandpa John L Shute 1920 Wallaby and one half of the Shute Shield story, but a very humble man took me to my first Bledisloe in 1980 & it lit a fire within with the winning try scored by Mick Martin happening on the last play in front of…
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Standing for what you believe even if it means sacrificing everything

October 26 is a special day. INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS DAY. As a kid and teen growing up I went to very good schools. But I still encountered many, many challenges. That’s why I became a teacher, coach and mentor.  What is important is STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE, EVEN IF IT MEANS SACRIFICING EVERYTHING. This NIKE…
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Inverse Paranoia

'alt="THE DREAM"
In 2008 I took a hard earned sabbatical “ long service leave” to mysterious, dangerous, excitingly beautiful Brazil. I returned with a PLAN: pay off my property, bring back a young captivating lady who seemingly had her whole life in a small backpack who I truly wanted to help. HOW: Becoming a full time Boarding…
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Go and get a life

Welcome to the UTS Norths Athletics Club Juggernaut! The “ Masters”! Ex Champion First Grade or Schoolboy Rugby players & athletes & Current World Medalling sprinters, Super Dads, Eligible bachelors & professionals at the top of their fields in Finance, IT, TV, Real Estate, Architecture, Medicine, Business Analysis, Education & Nutrition. Have you heard of…
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Mission Statement