Go and get a life


Welcome to the UTS Norths Athletics Club Juggernaut! The “ Masters”! Ex Champion First Grade or Schoolboy Rugby players & athletes & Current World Medalling sprinters, Super Dads, Eligible bachelors & professionals at the top of their fields in Finance, IT, TV, Real Estate, Architecture, Medicine, Business Analysis, Education & Nutrition.

Have you heard of a 44 year old man clocking 10.8 for the 100m?

Or a 60 year old that goes 400m in 55.5.?
It’s nice to get medals but is there a much bigger picture ?

To hang out with a bunch of good blokes and enjoy some clean fun like your 10 years old again?

Is it good to have a distraction or hobby that is fitness based to help you deal with the unexpected uncontrollable ⚾️ curve balls of life so when they come you can make good decisions like…….a……….#DreamQBACK

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