Greatest Achievement of them all


6 Championships in 8 years. 2001-2008.

This was the creation of a successful dynasty of 6 Athletic Championship victories in 8 years for Knox Grammar School (KGS), a feat not done in 35 years in the hotly contested and prestigious 90 years old Combined Associated Schools (CAS) Athletics. The winning streak required my LEADERSHIP to motivate a sporting team of more than 100 part-time athletes and 8 very opinionated coaches to work together and perform at an elite level within a tight 6 week period. The last in 2008 was most certainly the sweetest and resulted in the elusive "3-peat" not done since 1973 the year of my birth. It came down to the very last relay as we edged out by 3 points the current best school in Australian Athletics Trinity Grammar School. Very special!
More importantly how many of those blokes can turn to exercise & share with others to overcome stress? Or be better team players in their sports be it with speed, strength, agility or endurance.

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