Inverse Paranoia

'alt="THE DREAM"

In 2008 I took a hard earned sabbatical “ long service leave” to mysterious, dangerous, excitingly beautiful Brazil. I returned with a PLAN: pay off my property, bring back a young captivating lady who seemingly had her whole life in a small backpack who I truly wanted to help.

HOW: Becoming a full time Boarding Master at the school ( 3 nights a week and every 2nd weekend) and volunteer for every single Extra Curricular activity & worked also with Channel 7 & Fox Sports, Currency Trading= almost 100 hour working weeks!!

WHY? : So I could live a dream life by 2020, 6 months Brazil & 6 months Manly, Australia annually just like some student’s uncle. Brazil- Education, Tourism & Social Justice & Australia- Knox Sports, Boarding & Relief teaching( after 20 years help make the School & Students as great as they can!

The Quote: “ the best laid plans are changed by other complicated variables and often people” was an understatement.

OUTCOME?: 2015:
Life was CHAOS
Divorce, Crows Nest Property & Employment after 17 years ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️service and loyalty lost!

HOPE: But then I found another way at rock bottom , a better way & it feels like this ALL had to HAPPEN. #InverseParanoia ( whatever happens( good or bad) is to help u get to where you will be most fulfilled!)

Life doesn’t get easier but it certainly is better #DreamQBACK

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