My amazing blog on FAILURE!


FAILURE! What is it? I felt it. Again...... After training better than I ever have in my life, longer, stronger, smarter & running faster than ever before. This weekend was meant to be me posting something special about☝???? I’m on the ???????? and LOOK at ME ????! But then 2 weeks out I felt tightness. I did all the fancy stuff to get rid of it. I got worse. And the NSW Masters Championships were......A FAILURE!
But really.....??? The brilliant Vin who I’ve seen fix my best athletes at Knox during the Glory days at the track “ Hands on Fitness “ explained that the muscle when fatigued stops ( not tears) when it is used to the point of FAILURE. So I with some nifty tricks from Vin I was able to actually race when I was going to NOT START and believed I could WIN & put myself in the right place but fatigued to finish 4th in a slow time.
So I’ve pushed myself to the limit. A week of swimming at the Baths and a bit of rest and nurture running and we’re a RUGBY Season with my best ever prep yet. And as for the Athletics .....I can’t wait to get back and hit those times my body promised me I could in training.
FAILURE is Learning. #Bestisyet2come #DreamQBACK❤️????????

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