Standing for what you believe even if it means sacrificing everything


October 26 is a special day. INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS DAY. As a kid and teen growing up I went to very good schools. But I still encountered many, many challenges. That’s why I became a teacher, coach and mentor.  What is important is STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE, EVEN IF IT MEANS SACRIFICING EVERYTHING. This NIKE advert with ex-San Francisco 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick really MAKES MY HEART BEAT STRONG! What does it do for you?

The profession of teaching can be a very tough gig depending on where you are. Especially if you want to be authentically effective. I found the more you know who you are and what you want from life then the less upset we get when things don’t work out. This can be very painful though and take years to come to fruition. Don’t give up and stay consistent. Trust the Process. AND….trust the Universe. It always has your back. BELIEVE.

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