Is employee satisfaction, conflict resolution and performance improvement important? What if they could enjoy training and development and see value?

Sporting Clubs

Does an infectious culture, more fun, player personal and professional development, growing community participation and fan base translate into sustainable success? Imagine adding this to smarter preparation methods?


Do some students require more attention than the school can deliver? Can they impact on the already overwhelming demands placed on pastoral care givers? What if you could bring that experienced person in to get the desired outcome without involving so many emails and people? Working with Children Number: WWC0399246E


Small Group Support

The POWER of group coaching is that it's what you get in a 1:1 session but with a group of like-minded people looking to be their Dream Quarterback. That is, be in their best physical and mental state with the perfect "play sheet" (tools and strategies) to "STEP BACK, DECIDE, ADAPT and MAKE THE PLAYS like a DREAM QUARTER BACK" !

This means that you are exposed to seeing how others use and interpret the "play sheet" to maximize their effectiveness every day of their life.  You also get real time "instant" feedback from others in a fun group setting.

Private Coaching 1:1

You get me 1:1 to help you in your own evolution as your own unique Dream Quarterback performing at your best.

We do this using existing wisdom and proven tools including videos, resources, podcasts and articles to have you winning!   

Moreover, sessions are tailored to your individual needs in building a more confident and effective YOU.


Elite Dream QuarterBack

If you WANT to be YOUR BEST what does that require? Work? Accountability? Risk? Vulnerability? Getting better and stronger?

This is a 12 month commitment to YOU be it weekly or fortnightly consistently. Research Studies indicate that it takes on average 66 days to change a life. 

Together we can:

  • learn what's most important to you and build a life around it
  • find unknown possible obstacles
  • keep you "on the field" moving forward and achieving milestones along the way
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • enhance you as YOU to have you so comfortable in your own skin separating you from all others 
  • sharpen your actions to make you truly influential
  • build previously unimaginable confidence


Small Group Support

  • No BS just what you need
  • 23 years teaching experience
  • Solution focus
  • Tools that work


  • Tailored to your needs
  • Laser focus
  • Think Eat Plan Act like a Champ
  • Intense desire to see you be your G.O.A.T !

Elite Dream QuarterBack

  • Consistency
  • Continuity
  • Accountbility
  • Growth

What You Can Expect When Working With Me

How do you squeeze every bit of ability, knowledge, energy and smarts you have to capitalize on or just survive every situation?

As I took the knocks of life I started to label myself as average intelligence, athleticism and ability growing up. However, as a teacher, coach and mentor, identifying this in others became a strength instilling in me empathy and strength-spotting for others.  We can create your own personal formula and play sheet to get you CATCHING THE BALLS and MAKING GREAT CALLS! After all, finding your passion, consistency, being at your best and emotional intelligence with access to the best information can overcome anything.

IMAGINE....what I can do for YOU ?



Benefit #1

Flexibility and Adaptability. Life is busy but technology is AMAZING. If you can't meet we just Zoom.US ! All you need is a phone, IPAD, Notebook or Computer and WI-FI !

Benefit #2

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy crafted from a life RICH in Ups and Downs. Add to that a fervent determination, passion and desire to see you succeed matched by awesome energy and consistency.

Benefit #3

Over 40 years of experience in getting knocked down and getting back up. Add to that accessing past and present wisdom to grow your human potential and WE have a FORMIDABLE COMBINATION!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is NEVER a BAD QUESTION  in this LIFE.

Mission Statement